Calendar Everything

These days everyone has a million things to do… Every day. Some things get sprung on you at the last minute, others you are able to plan a while in advance. How do you remember all these different things, fit in some “me time”, and make sure you arrive even vaguely on time?

Calendar everything

That’s right.. Add every possible thing that you can, to your calendar. By picking a day, and a time, you are much more likely to get the job in hand done – whatever it is. You should even schedule that all important “me time” to indulge in your latest book, do a cross-word, or whatever tickles your fancy.

You can do all this with a paper calendar, or a pocket diary, but things can quite quickly get messy with those type of things, and of course they can’t give you reminders. I suggest calendaring with one of the online services, and this way it can be tied to your computer, your tablet, your iPad and even your smart phone.

Give it a try, and let me know in there comments below how it goes. If you already do this, or have tried it in the past, how did it go?




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