Busy old Bude …

It’s definitely the summer holidays. You always know when you need to add 10 minutes onto your journey to get in to the town due to volume of traffic and plethora of huge camper vans, and when parking is at a premium.

Dropping daughter off for work this morning (it was foggy!) we were on a later shift than usual. I like a 9 am start, when the downs only have dog walkers and the beach (Summerleaze) is still open to said dogs. There are no queues!

I forgot it was 10.30 when I arrived this morning, so queues to Summerleaze were down to the Triangle. Daughter got out and walked.

Took the dog on the downs with the ball and she promptly ran round a lot then took off to the beach, ball in mouth, to find a pool of water to lie in, not realising that she wasn’t allowed to do that after 10 am. Must teach the dog to read. Had to go and retrieve her. Fortunately, people found her amusing rather than irritating.

Popped to the library and realised the returns service via the foyer has ended so I actually had to don a mask and socially distance and go IN to return a book. I did love the rapidity of the foyer service.

The recycling centre was pretty busy, too.

But, this really tells it like it is. The Tasty Pasty shop put this photo on their Facebook page! Great pasties, obviously, but quite a queue by anyone’s standards.

Anyway, all great for local businesses: services, shops and cafes, hopefully.  Fill your boots!

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