Busy Bude weekend

Like thousands of others (it seemed) I was at Summerleaze beach on Sunday baking in the heat. The sea was warm – that was packed, too. I was there because family were in the south-west and wanted to try surfing, despite the waves being minimal, and the heat being excessive. It was lovely to see them but I still struggle with hot beach days.

It had been a long day, with breakfast at Electric Bakery (with Valencia orange juice and pain au chocolat, it felt as if we were abroad, despite the small industrial estate setting. The food was lovely). On the walk in to Bude, we stopped at Maggie’s Mobile Barista for iced coffee. They were in the Crescent Car Park. We then bought an item at Zuma Jay, and made our way to meet up at the Big Blue Surf School stand.

After a couple of hours in the water, we headed to Rosie’s cafe at Crooklets (slightly quieter that end but by then the tide was going out) for a lovely refreshing lunch.

At the beach, what struck me (I don’t tend to sit on beaches by choice and I struggle with intense heat) apart from the huge numbers of people, were the numbers of small children (and adults) burning nicely, plus a lot of dogs wearing their sweaty fur coats.

I hope everyone was OK, but I had my doubts whether they would be. The sun is set to continue for much of the week. Heat warnings prevail. Do keep covered up, cool, hydrated and ideally in the shade.

Try to keep dogs indoors until after 8pm and take out early morning and remember how hot the ground/sand gets for creatures not wearing sandals because they can’t tell us how they are feeling in these crazy temperatures.

Photo from Emma Steadman’s Dog Grooming FB page.

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