Businesses – Will You Pledge to Light Up Bude?

100441With seven days of the campaign left to run, £1320 out of the hoped for £2000 has been raised.  66%. Bude can do better than that!

Now, it must be said, that for a Christmas lights shopping experience, Bude has been way down my list, but I’m hoping that this year, that will change. That’s why I’ve pledged to donate. There’s no immediate benefit to me but, hopefully, it will keep people shopping in Bude. You can contribute, too, as every bit helps.

Some businesses have pledged their support, so a big shout out to Holdcroft Lighting,  Ye Olde Fudge Shop, Dogs of Great Style,  Leonard & Co,  Unicorn Sales, Coast and Country Interiors, the Beachhaven, Nadelik, and the Bank at Bude.  If I’ve missed anyone, please add yourselves in on the comments.

That means that we have lots of shops (though I realise some shop/business owners have pledged as individuals, not businesses) who have not yet supported the project, and certainly none of the big chains! Come on Costa, Boots, W H Smith, etc!

While a light up Christmas is great for families (and I write as someone who detests Christmas shopping with a passion, so the easier/pleasanter it is made for me, the better) it is even better for businesses, be they retail or hospitality.

During the recent Looe Music Festival, businesses are said to have benefited to the tune of £2 million from increased public spending in the town. Wow.

The upshot of that is that if you provide something people want and enjoy, they will spend more time in Bude and spend their money, too. A big win for Bude businesses.

Come on, back this community effort – you really can’t lose!


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