Businesses – how can you help us?

I know. It’s a bit different. Usually, it’s how can we help you?

Throughout the pandemic, as a non-profit-making community online newspaper/magazine, we have, and will continue to be, supportive of local businesses, sharing promotional items as much as we can on Instagram and Facebook/Twitter.

We get more requests than we can deal with. Some businesses send regular/multiple requests but we do like to share our space around a bit.

Additionally, we have lots of requests for links on our web pages (for SEO purposes) from businesses in the UK and globally, because they can see our online pull – most of which we have to ignore.

Obviously, we do have sponsoring advertisers, and they are amazing, so we push their stuff A LOT! Because we owe them that.

So, how can you help us? Well, thanks for asking.

We are not requesting your money, or even your advertising, but what would be good is, as well as simply promoting your latest products, etc., if you would keep us updated about any events, charity fundraisers, successful products, interesting visitors (we are known to get the occasional celeb in Bude) or generally any success story (or quibble) you wish to share with the wider public. Yes, we know you put stuff on your social media, but it would take a lot of social media trawling to find all this info. Day in. Day out. If you send it to us, we share it on the website (which doesn’t disappear from view after a few days) and OUR social media which is considerable.  Call it marketing or publicity, if you like. All it is costing you is your time. 

Generally, along with our IT help, and the occasional article written by someone else, all the info on B & B is gathered by one person. I use the word ‘us’ because I like to feel a part of something bigger, but the reality in terms of writing is generally ‘ me’. ‘Me’ has limited time available to trawl for content.


So, if you have an interesting tale to tell, then simply email Dawn at or click on the links top right of our web page. Feel free to keep asking us to share things but also think: what might I have that B & B can use? Not least because it is in your own best interests – people remember features more than they do adverts.


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