Businesses – are you ready for April 12?

Bude businesses have struggled during the three Covid-19 lockdowns. Not all have survived but many will have received financial support from the government, and furlough money to retain staff. Many have taken advantage of the time to revamp websites, sell online, or redecorate their shops/businesses to be ready to reopen.

Now this may be controversial, but how ready are businesses for 12th April? Bude & Beyond has tried to help local businesses by sharing lots of promotion for free on social media, part of our effort to support the wider community.

However, while many businesses are raring to go, some businesses may feel concerned to be reopening:

  • Opening up means taking perceived risks re Covid 19 especially as visitors from other parts of the country arrive for holidays
  • Financial support from the government will reduce over time and businesses will once again be relying entirely on their own resources; for some it is like starting all over again and they feel a little anxious
  • After a year of semi-hibernation, there is the confidence effect of how thing will go, how successful your business will be in this brave new world
  • Will people who have perhaps lost their jobs even have money to spend on meals out and luxury items?

Bude & Beyond focuses on its sponsoring advertisers, obviously, but will also maintain its support for the business community as much as possible in the early days and months of the new normal.

If you want to advertise, do get in touch. If you want to promote your business for free and are prepared to write copy to promote what you have to offer, please also get in touch. And good luck for 12th April. We hope people will return to shopping locally as this lockdown comes to a very slow and gradual close. Be nice if councils would keep parking free for a little longer to encourage shoppers back to town centres. Fingers firmly crossed!

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As ever, please share your thoughts.

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