Mr #BigUpBude – Trev’s Taxi

Trev and his Taxi

Trev and his Taxi

Thought it was about time I revamped this piece, originally written back in 2012, well before the days of #BigUpBude!

 So, if you haven’t already, meet Trev Plant. You’ve all seen his adverts; Trev is a very effective operator. I have the keyring!! 

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But what’s great about Trev is his unstinting support for the Bude community. You’ll never hear a bad word about the place from this man. #LoveBude #LoveWhereYouLive #BigUpBude – all applies here.  He supports other local businesses, too, whether by using their products or services himself, sticking their business cards in his cab, or spreading the word via social media.  As one might expect, he also seems to know EVERYONE!

I first met Trev briefly at Rosie’s Kitchen, Crooklets, in 2012  where we were able to sit outside over a cuppa in the winter sun. It was amazing for January. Been a bit different this year – would have been more likely to get washed away!

Trev (never Trevor) moved to Bude in 2007 from Whitchurch in Shropshire. Trev very honestly says he drives his taxi simply so he can live in Bude, and walk his beautiful rescue dog – Jake – daily on the beaches, come rain or shine, though he also enjoys meeting people.

Most of his work comes at weekends, and 80% of it is local.  Sunday is his day of rest but, a singleton, he always works  on Christmas Day (the only taxi firm in Bude who does, I believe) and says it is always very busy.

As an ‘incomer’ (still!), what are his thoughts on Bude? I was very taken by his emphatic praise for the town, and that has not changed:

I love it here. I love the beach, love the locals. Everyone is friendly. I just work and walk my dog, and play the odd game of pool (the dog is a Lab cross Collie rescue he got from Dogs Trust, Ilfracombe) and, of course, has a Trev’s Taxi identity tag!

He likes to support local business and reckons he has eaten almost everywhere locally, especially enjoying Life’s a Beach, the Preston Gate and Rosie’s Kitchen, though he does venture further afield, too

The town Trevor came from is a similar size to Bude but he says it has no cinema and no carnival.

Bude people do things for the town and lots of places have lost that. It has a good community feel. It has soul“.

Trev wants to be in Bude forever. He is not sure he’d have wanted to be young here, being something of a ‘lad’ in his time, but he’s now settled down and is invariably drawn to the beach.

In 2008, he did the Crooklets Christmas Day swim but now collects donations and then goes to work instead. However, he reckons it’s something everyone should do at least once! He also feels the event should be televised.

A final word from Trev? I adore this place. I’ve found home and I’ll never leave here“.  Bude does have this way of getting under your skin! 


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