Bude’s ‘Stick it to a Mann’ campaign

Bude and Bude is pleased to share this, as requested:
Like many others locally, the Refill Shop Bude and Kim Gouldson of All the Ps have been working incredibly hard making up food parcels for local families to make sure they have enough over half-term.
Communities all over the country are providing for those in need and many people feel this is wrong – it should be the Government, especially when MPs themselves have their meals subsidised while also earning four times the average wage of people in Cornwall.
In 2018, child poverty averaged 32% in North Cornwall – (the worst constituency in the county) and that was before COVID amplified the situation. Our MP, Scott Mann, voted against providing school meals during the holidays to our most vulnerable children, so the Refill Shop and Kim would like to let him know how local people feel about it!
To join the campaign, please grab a paper plate and write him a message this week – tell him how this has affected you, or maybe what you think of the Government’s decision, or what you think of the fact he voted against providing the meals.
Even a simple statement like ‘no child should go hungry’ or a drawing by your children.
You can drop them before the weekend to Refill Shop in Bude (who will also have paper plates in-store later today that you can write on), All the Ps in Stratton, Angela Westaway in Widemouth or Amanda Tame in Kilkhampton.
The more you do, the better, say the campaigners. The messages will then be delivered with love and sticky tape to Scott’s office.

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  • This comment was emailed in:

    With regards to Scott Mann voting in favour of not giving free school meals during the school holidays, then you might find that this is because he is a Parliamentary Private Secretary (for the Department of Education). This role means that he is obliged to vote in favour of any government motion EVERY SINGLE TIME, regardless of whether it is the right thing for North Cornwall or not.


    I have e-mailed him about this asking him how he can truly represent his constituents if he can only vote one way, but as per all other replies I have received from his office, the response was generic and didn’t answer the question!

    I also e-mailed him about the Coronavirus crisis, detailing the facts that more people are dying from other causes in our county (e.g. suicide, missed appointments and treatments for cancer, heart disease, etc, etc) and that the long term effects of the lockdowns and restrictions are causing more harm to local businesses than a virus that 99.5%+ of us will survive ever will. Again, he ignored all my points and just said that he was voting for an extension of the Coronavirus Act (through gritted teeth apparently). Again, he failed to mention that he HAD to vote that way.

    Anyway, my point is this. I am not sure how many people know that his hands are tied. I am not saying that this excuses his voting record, more that I think that the PPS rule goes against democracy and that this should be scrapped. But unless people know about this rule there will be no pressure from the people for the government to do it.

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