Bude’s first vegan eatery …

I must admit, I’ve been waiting for a different kind of eating in Bude for some time, and now it looks like we are going to get it, for Om Bamboo has declared it is opening Bude’s first vegan eatery, called Roots Lounge. I’m very excited at the thought of it and I’m not even vegan!

Located at the top of the high street offering wholesome, hearty, freshly made, delicious plant based brunches, specialty coffee, smoothies, treats and regular specials, Anna and Becky are opening the eatery together next week. So, let all your friends (vegan or not) know! 

The girls are excited, and why not? On the Om Bamboo Facebook page, Anna says:
This has been both our dreams and the whole transition to partnering from our separate businesses feels completely natural and meant to be in every way. Yes there are huge risks and it’s SUPER scary but we hope you’ll all be on board and will LOVE what we can provide!
We are so thrilled to be joining forces to evolve Cornwall’s vegan scene and prove to everyone how delicious and easy it can be.
It all feels a little scary to be moving away from what I’ve built so far, but it feels like I’ve come round in a full circle to my original idea for vegan food, and where my passion is. Don’t worry though there will still be our fabulous products to buy that you all love….. I really hope everyone will love this step forward in the Bude vegan scene…. Exciting times! 
Good luck to Anna and Becky on their wholesome new venture.

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