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Magic – by Emma-Jane Saunders

Now, there may be many of you rolling your eyes, shaking your heads and muttering “…just a bunch of hocus-pocus…” but I assure you that I am not here to make you change your mind about magic. One always has the free will choice to believe or not.

My articles are aimed at informing and clearing up misinformation about spiritual practices (as best I can), although I will clarify that these experiences and explanations are from my own perspectives.

If there are others out there who don’t agree with how I view magic and practise it, then that is fine. Every spiritual pathway is unique to that person. And I respect that completely.

What Is Magic? (A Very Basic Explanation)

Most people will know magic through the sleight-of-hand tricks magicians use, to the more visual effects from movies like Harry Potter and other fantasy media.

Magic for us Witches and other spiritual practitioners is so much more than that. To pin it down into an exact definition is nigh on impossible, but to make it simple …

Magic is the use of one’s own will and natural energies to make change.

Magic is all around us. 

Magic is natural to Witches.

If you want a simple example, life itself is magic.

We have the abilities to tap into this natural energy source and direct it in a way where we can cause change to happen within our lives.

However, it does not mean that we don’t do the work that is needed.

When we witches and magical practitioners encounter something within our lives that we want to change; either through bringing it to us (manifesting) or letting go of (banishing), we then use the natural magical energies to achieve the effect we wish for.

We also use magic to help and to heal.

One could even say that any magic work (spells/charms/rituals etc.) are basically a beacon to the energies to say, “Hey! Pay attention please! I need your help to make ABC happen; can you work with me to make it happen?”

And then you show the energies that you mean business by taking action.

Magic has so many applications and uses that it’s impossible to list them all!

As fellow and well respected Wise Women, Cassandra and Laetitia Latham-Jones, whom I admire greatly, often say: “Magic is like electricity. It’s how you wire your circuits. You can either use it to power your cooker, or use it to power an electric chair. It’s all in the intention.”

So How Does Magic Work?

Magic works in many ways, but there are also many misconceptions about it, so let’s clear those up first.

The major common misconception about magic is … that it’s a quick fix.

Magic is NEVER a quick fix solution.

Basically, magic works when the energies have been directed, transmuted and allowed to have their time to do so; that is when the effects will start to take place.

Another misconception that people may have about magic is that once you have made your wish or intention – that you don’t have to do anything else.

Yes, there are times when the energies are so aligned perfectly that there is quick and instant change, but there are other times where you have to put in the physical actions as well to help make the energies flow where you want them to go.

One final misconception about magic is that it is used for evil, harmful and malicious intent. I will not lie to you; sadly, there are people out there who do magical harm.

Most magical practitioners will NOT work magic to harm, because we do have morals and common sense. 

We have magical laws that simply state (depending on what path and tradition you follow) that any magic we sent out will come back to us. We are well aware of the repercussions that come from working harmful magic – we don’t want ill fortune to befall us!

And more often than not, if we get clients asking for harmful magic – we send them packing. Most practitioners will state that any intention to cause harm with a service is outright refused. Myself included.

Self-responsibility as well as responsibility for clients is taken seriously in a magical context. Magic is not something to be messed with…period.

Magic is meant to be used to help, change and heal lives and situations. It is meant to be used positively; to bring good fortunes, happiness, healing, love and the like.

How Do Witches Work With Magic?

As said, we witches have the ability to tap into the natural energies to make change happen, by using items of the natural world to help boost and direct our wishes.

Herbs, Crystals, Oils, Elements, Colours, Moon Phases, Astrology, Numerology are all but a few examples of natural world energies we can use to amplify our wishes. All of these items, words and numbers have specific attributes assigned to them such as happiness, protection, love, money etc. These are called correspondences.

So, working magic, is a bit like making a cake.

You gather your correspondences (your ingredients), mix them together to create the cake batter. Then you take the action of moulding and cooking (allowing the magic to have its time to work) and finally reap the effects of your work (eating and sharing the cake).

But it not all just physical action. Magic is something that needs faith, too. You need to believe that the magic will work and will happen, without becoming too attached to the outcome (difficult to do at times; I can personally attest to that).

Those who believe in magic will see it everywhere and understand its natural energies and be more accepting of it.  Those who don’t – well as said, I am not here to force anyone to change their minds.

So …

Magic is a natural energy source, that we witches have the ability to tap into through natural world items and bring them together to make change.

Witches have a vast knowledge of correspondences, to make magic work the most efficiently. We know how to gather the right tools and ingredients to direct the energies to make the changes and healing needed.

Besides tarot readings and other divinations, often people who go to witches are asking for magical help.

I also offer these magical services, through my business, Dragon Goddess Healings.

I will often start with a consultation, to discuss ideas and to find out the client’s needs. 

Once an agreement has been reached and made, I will then gather all the necessary tools and correspondences and plan out the magic working. Then upon the agreed dates and times, I will perform the magic for the client.

 I will often encourage the client to be a part of the magical working, so that they can see how it works and can be a part of the magic as well. It can be an empowering and healing experience.


I do hope that this article has enlightened you to the magical (pun intended) delights and insights on how witches can work magic. I hope that I was able to explain it in a simple and understandable way and that you all enjoyed my article on this topic; this is only a little toe dip into the vast ocean of magic!

Until the next time, take care, stay safe and Brightest Blessings to you all!


Here are the links to my Facebook Page, Dragon Goddess Healings as well as to the Wise-women, Cassandra and Laetitia Latham-Jones  mentioned in this article.


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