Bude’s eco-hustings – where was Scott?

Last night was the Bude Eco-hustings event at the Falcon, organised by Climate Action Bude. Around 125 people attended.

Scott Mann (Conservative) did not attend, but Danny Chambers (Lib Dem) and Joy Bassett (Labour) did.

On the Facebook page, Steph Jones-Giles commented: Excellent questions. Respectful candidates. Mature debate. Lots to think about. Well done the organisers!

Meanwhile, Bude Friends of the Earth added:

Thanks very much to the prospective parliamentary candidates for North Cornwall that came to the North Cornwall Climate Change Hustings this evening – Danny Chambers – North Cornwall Lib Dems and Joy Bassett – North Cornwall Labour.

It takes courage to stand up in front of loads of people and answer their questions – and you both did a great job! Let’s hope you reap the benefits on December 12th!

Thanks also to Climate Action Bude Extinction Rebellion in Cornwall and Extinction Rebellion in North Cornwall for organising!


  • Ali Lemm says:

    I think Mr Mann’s absence pretty much sums up the Conservative’s policy on Climate Change and the environment.

  • Tim Freeman says:

    Absence shows huge disrespect for his constituents, regardless of their political affiliation.

  • Chris Livingstone Seagul says:

    Well, it was good that 2 candidates bothered to turn up for such an important issue. Scott Mann (Conservative) has been avoiding ALL hustings in this constituency. There has been no presence from him in public either. Is Mr Mann too scared to face up to the consequences of his policies? What are these ‘scary’ threats that are turning Scott into The Invisible Mann. If Joy Bassett can turn up and face the ordinary voters and their passions for fighting to have their views heard, why can’t Mr Mann? I wonder if the getting Brexit done by 31st October fiasco of Johnson, means he doesn’t want to face people, who question where the current government is steering us during these times of crippling austerity: where North Cornwall has the highest rate of child poverty in the whole of Cornwall. Perhaps Mr Mann is queuing for a NHS dentist like 14,000 others in Cornwall thanks to underfunding and NHS sell offs. No I don’t support Lib Dem or Labour or the Kippers. Vote wisely people, read multiple sources, factcheck and ask how your vote may help or hinder those who may have less than you.

  • 125 people attended, none of whom would have voted Conservative, so why do you think he didn’t turn up?

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