Bude’s businesses struggling with poor reviews for being full!

Trip Advisor, the recommendation site for people (but also perfect for those who love a good moan) is the site that businesses need to perform well on.

Pleased to see that Urchins Restaurant on Princes Street received a good deal of local support when they wrote on their Facebook page earlier:

Well thank you very much to the lovely! Holiday maker who decided to post a 1 star review on Trip Advisor because we were fully booked! It really helped my team’s morale and encouraged them to continue to bust a gut day in day out to serve you! If you expected us to be full as you say in your attack ( can’t call it a review) why even bother to try?

What we must remember is that out of 762 reviews, Urchins gets a Trip Advisor 4.5 (out of 5) overall score – so, that one unhelpful and pointless review is really a waste of time and in no way reflects the reality.

Another business, Trev’s Taxi, commented:

My only 2 bad reviews were because I was fully booked and, to be honest, I expect more. It shows how busy we are and hopefully shows the decent people that they must book in advance. Head up guys, WE CAN DO THIS.

We must remember that Trip Advisor is the site that had Bude Tunnel as Bude’s number 1 attraction for some time in 2018, until it suspended it, so it is hard to take it too seriously, but obviously people use it and it does impact businesses.

Human psychology is that we all focus on the bad review, especially at times like this, so think before you write, please,  people. If you have a justifiable complaint, speak to the business concerned, privately.

A ‘big up’ to the hard-working staff at Urchins who, like all other Bude businesses which are doing their damnedest in difficult times.



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