Bude’s Annual Town Meeting

Get involved in local democracy. You can make a brilliant start by attending the Annual Town Meeting which will be held in the Ivor Potter Hall in the Parkhouse Centre, on the 25th April 2019, so put the date in your diary. Agendas always sound a tad dry but I’m sure it will be an interesting event, so make sure you are in the know.

This meeting is open to all residents in Bude, Stratton and Poughill. Presumably, anyone else who works there or has an interest will be welcome, too.

The Mayor will give a quick talk about what Bude-Stratton Town Council have been working on – achievements and progress for the town – as well as plans for the forthcoming year.

A representative from Cornwall Council will also be discussing matters relating to the Bude area over the past year.

Finally, a representative from Devon and Cornwall police will be talking about policing matters relating to Bude.

There will be time at the end for questions.

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