Bude’s Animal Free Research raises over £9k in Covid year

Despite the undoubted impact of Covid 19 on everyone’s activities and on charitable income due to the cancellation of face-to-face events, Bude’s Animal Free Research members announced today that they raised a phenomenal £9,482.96 this year, with a plethora of creative activities, like Nos Nom’s Just Giving Panto, lots of mini-events such as tarot reading, and a fundraising day at All the Ps!

Bude Animal Free Research UK members back in 2019 when face-to-face events were rather more straightforward! 


That takes the group’s fundraising to a grand total of £40,490.44 since its inception.
Animal Free Research does what it says on the tin. They say:
Animals and humans are different. We’re redefining research, investing in scientists so they can make the breakthroughs that push medicine forward without the use of animals. 
This year, the Bude group were specifically supporting work on diabetes and insulin-producing cells, led by Professor Lorna Harries’ team at Exeter University. We have previously reported on this here.
A massive achievement during a very difficult year for Bude’s group, so well done to all involved.
Watch this space for more fundraising ideas/events in 2022.

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