Bude’s amazing women

I asked on Facebook yesterday about Bude’s amazing women and we had some fine recommendations. However, before that, I’d just like to celebrate International Women’s Day by praising women everywhere who  work hard to raise families, often in the most difficult of circumstances (yes, I know men do this, too), who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence, mutilation and other issues like trafficking and modern slavery. Most women, if you talk to them have tales of everyday sexism which still prevails in our society as one of many inequalities, but despite this most women are doing a grand job.

Many are also achieving additional noticeable things at a local and more global level, too. So, here’s who publicly represent  Bude’s amazing women – there’s loads of work behind the scenes, too, by those not in the public eye, but those who people have noticed are as follows:


Tracey Robinson suggested Deb Rosser (who I think everyone knows by now for her indefatigable work to help the environment and reduce our reliance on plastics – as Jody Farquhar suggests, Deb is the greenest person she knows) and Claire Giner (Happy Turtle Company producing ocean-friendly products) for being dedicated green pillars of our community; also, Rachel Shorland for local seal rescues, and there have been quite a few. Jody Farquhar adds Michelle Robinson for her excellent work with BDMLR (British Divers Marine Life Rescue). The environmental movement has made massive strides in Bude, so great work by these women. In the same vein, Lindsay Hartgroves suggests Sue Clancy Gear, a local hero to wildlife, rescuing birds (including seabirds, badgers, foxes, rabbits and indeed any wildlife) securing veterinary treatment for them from Tamar Vets. Natalie Rogers says: I’d nominate Jan Wells, for her dedication in cleaning waste from local beaches every day for several years # beach clean. Jan quietly beach cleans daily with her dogs, and for a year posted on social media to highlight the issue.

Spreading happiness

On a different note, Izzy Bella suggests Margaret Frost from the Rustic Tea Room – of course, with her eternal cheer and good humour, Margaret keeps us all happy with those amazing creams teas of hers but also does lots of less obvious work within the community.

Refugee welcome

Amanda Pennington suggested: The ladies who have set up the charity to sponsor the Syrian refugee families in Bude deserve a mention. Bude Welcomes Refugees has a Facebook page. They do amazing work, as one person has written on the page: to help those who have been through hell to succeed in a safe place is truly admirable.

Young people

On a different note, El N Stu suggest: Denise ‘Dee’ May, fab role model ex-PE teacher at Budehaven, set up CATS (unfortunately no longer with us), who was chosen to carry the Olympic torch in 2012, and is a netball hero. Denise has worked for many years with young people and has had a real impact on their lives.

Well done to all, and thanks for your suggestions.

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