Budehaven students explore chemistry at the highest level

The Royal Society of Chemistry says:

The world needs more chemical scientists, and chemistry skills can lead our young people into a vast range of fulfilling careers. We help people see the part they can play in the future of the chemical sciences, and we improve chemistry education.

We believe that everyone should have access to a high quality chemistry education which is engaging, inspiring and relevant. We are committed to promoting excellent science education across the world and are the largest non-government supporter of chemistry education in the UK.

So, they are reaching out to encourage talent among school students.

Budehaven Sixth Form students recently spent time with The Royal Society to develop their knowledge and understanding of the discipline. The day was part of the Society’s Outreach Programme and students were able to use Spectroscopy equipment. Students tested unknown samples and highlighted the most significant regions to help them identify the unknown sample.

The day was a great success; students developed their knowledge, learnt about the use of this technology and how it is applied in daily life.

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