Budehaven student campaigns for Youth Parliament

Year 10 Budehaven student, Indigo Haynes, East Cornwall Member Youth Parliament (MYP) voiced her support for last week’s UK Youth Parliament campaigns on lowering the voting age to 16 and combating knife crime. She also vowed to campaign on the mental health crisis, the most pressing issue voted on by Cornish teenagers in the UK-wide ‘Make Your Mark’ survey.

The decision came following Indigo’s attendance at the Youth Parliament’s House of Commons debate on November 9th, chaired by the Speaker, Rt Hon John Bercow MP.

Speaking about her decision, Indigo said:

“I support UK Youth Parliament’s vote on knife crime. But I represent Cornish teenagers, and they are most concerned with the current mental health crisis they face. The Government and our Local Authority must do everything in their power to protect young people, and I have made this my campaign priority for East Cornwall.”

‘Votes at 16’ continues to be an important issue for young people and has been voted as a campaign priority for the third year in a row by the UK Youth Parliament. Indigo commented that:

“It’s exactly 100 years since working men and women over thirty won the right to vote. Now it’s time for the Government to listen to young people, and lower the voting age to 16.”

Indigo will be actively campaigning on these issues across East Cornwall.

This was Indigo’s first attendance at the UK Youth Parliament’s House of Commons sitting, and she hopes to repeat the experience next year if re-elected as East Cornwall’s MYP in 2019. She said:

“It was awe-inspiring to debate in the House of Commons! It made me realise that while I campaign in Cornwall, there are other MYPs up and down the country who are working too. Together we’re giving young people everywhere a political voice.”

Members of Youth Parliament are set to formally launch the campaigns during their big day of action in January 2019.

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