Budehaven Sixth Formers preparing for uni


Budehaven Sixth Form students are currently making their plans to study at university next autumn. It feels like only yesterday that my own children were applying for their university places Exciting times for these students.

For those students not attending university, Budehaven has a Level 6 Careers Officer to support them with High-Level apprenticeships at organisations such as Sky, BP and Thames Water.  Students are helped with CV writing and helped with navigating the variety of careers that exist in the world. Student Erin Curtis has employment and an apprenticeship with Baldwins Accountants.

Checking results at Budehaven in 2019

Seventy-three students have applied for places at universities all over the United Kingdom and further afield this year and we are very proud that many have received some excellent conditional offers. Often the application process involves sitting entrance exams and being put through rigorous interviews; our students have acquitted themselves extremely well this year.

  • Eleanor Theakston has received an offer to read History at The University of Oxford.
  • Thomas Horn, the Sixth Form President, has a conditional offer to read International Politics and History at The University of Leeds; Thomas also has offers at Edinburgh, Warwick and Cardiff.
  • Lyle Coles has received an offer to read Biochemistry at The University of Exeter, with a year in industry.
  • Sam Jennings to Exeter University to study Geography and Geology
  • Megan West to Exeter to read Marine Biology.
  • Josh Palmer is also a keen environmentalist and has offers to read Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology at Southampton, Plymouth and Stirling.
  • Robert Hopper is also interested in this field and has conditional offers to read Marine Biology and Ocean Science at The Universities of Plymouth, Exeter and Southampton.
  • Will Holmes has a conditional offer to read Environmental Geography at Cardiff University.
  • Lauren Sobey has conditional offers to read Geography at the Universities of Cardiff, Birmingham and Bristol.
  • Emma Newberry who has done well to gain a conditional offer from The University of Manchester to read International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response.
  • Sarah Pankhurst has offers to read Geography at  Aberystwyth, Bangor and Royal Holloway, University of London.
  • Tim Cottier has received conditional offers to read Cyber Security at The University of Warwick, a course that has strong links with GCHQ.

Budehaven Sixth Form spend a considerable amount of time helping students prepare for interviews. We have been very lucky to have the support of a variety of external business people who voluntarily coached our students providing them with the confidence to perform well. In addition, a number of senior teachers have been coaching students with their interview skills.

Happy Budehaven ‘A’ class students Amber and Rosie, with Matt White 2019

  • Ned Gleed has received conditional offers for Physics at The Universities of Birmingham, Bath and Bristol, and Physics and Maths at Exeter University.
  • Robert Feltham Clarke has received conditional offers from The Universities of London South Bank, Sussex Queen Mary, Kent and Exeter to read History and Politics.
  • Another keen Historian is Laura Gent who has some good offers from Cardiff and Exeter.
  • Lea Dumas, a talented linguist has received many conditional offers to read International Business Management with Language at some of the top Russell Group Universities, such as Bristol and Birmingham.
  • Other students that are keen to follow a degree in business include Yassen Cook and Josh Werren, receiving offers from Bristol UWE.
  • Ryan Norlund has several conditional offers to read Business and management from Brighton, Liverpool, Bristol UWE and Bath Spa.
  • Erin Hancock has an offer from Plymouth University to read Nursing
  • Eleanor Petherick to read Veterinary Nursing at Hartpury University and Harper Adams University.
  • Sophie Marvell has chosen a vocational based degree, receiving offers to read Occupational Therapy at The Universities of Oxford Brookes and Plymouth.
  • Marie Poole has done well to receive offers to read English and History from The Universities of Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds and Durham.
  • Physiotherapy is always a competitive course and demands high grades, Ella Paton has received an offer from Bristol UWE and her twin sister Khaya has offers from Loughborough, Bath and Exeter to read Sport and Exercise Science.
  • Jude Ellis has conditional offers to read Physics and Astrophysics at several Russell Group institutions, including Bristol and Edinburgh.
  • Jackson Ward has spent time at The University of Exeter, undertaking a Scholars programme during his time in the sixth form and this has led to an offer from Exeter as well as places such as Bristol and Swansea.
  • Joye Halliwell has an offer to read Children’s Nursing at Edge Hill University.
  • Lauren Harkness has done extremely well to receive offers from the Universities of Birmingham, Cardiff, Gloucestershire and Lancaster to read Religion, Philosophy and Ethics.
  • Summer Thomas has an offer at The University of Lincoln to read Criminology and Sociology.
  • Holly Bewes will read Sociology at Exeter, Bristol UWE or Plymouth.
  • Jemima O’Brien has done extremely well to receive offers from Bristol UWE, Brighton, Sheffield, Middlesex and The University of Law, to read Law with Criminology.
  • Emily Shears has a conditional offer to read Forensic Science at Keele University.
  • Ollie Holmes has conditional offers to specialise in Contemporary Military and International History at The University of Salford.
  • Madilynne Thomas has conditional offers to read Philosophy at Cardiff University
  • James Cross could study Philosophy at Aston University, Plymouth, Gloucestershire, Bath Spa or Bournemouth.
  • Phoebe Boundy, for Psychology has offers at Cardiff and Worcester.
  • Ciera Faid has offers to read Sociology at Bristol UWE and Essex University.

Business degrees are popular choices for students at Budehaven and it is important to point out that in Budehaven Sixth Form, Economics A Level is a well-subscribed and successful course. It often inspires students to take the subject further.

  • Owen Salisbury has an offer to read this subject at Bristol UWE
  • Kian Downes has a conditional offer from Bristol UWE and Brunel University London.
  • Jasmine Smith has chosen degrees that offer a placement at The Universities of Nottingham, Bath, Kent, Loughborough and Lancaster.
  • Cara Philips has a conditional offer to read Marketing at the Universities of Southampton and Brighton.

This year, Budehaven Sixth Form was awarded the national plaudit for the best Higher Sports Leaders School in the country. Consequently, this has produced some very well prepared students ready to succeed in the sporting world at university.

  • James Hunt has conditional offers to read Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation at Plymouth Marjons University.
  • Archie Furber also wants to follow a career in the sports field and has a conditional offer to read Sports Business management at Cardiff Met, Manchester Met and Liverpool John Moores University. Joe Maloney is keen to become a teacher and has a conditional offer to read Physical Education in Secondary Education at Plymouth Marjons University.
  • Gabby Abbott has an offer to read Sport Therapy at Marjons
  • Cameron Miles has an offer to read Sport Development and Coaching at the same institution.
  • Kylie Piper has Primary Education courses offered to her at Plymouth Marjons. Many of these sport-based students have studied our BTEC Level 3 Sport Diploma, a very successful course, last year performance was placed in the top 10% nationally.

English, RE and Psychology A Levels are popular and successful subjects at Budehaven, inspiring students to pursue it university level.

  • Rosa Coleman has a conditional offer to study English and Philosophy at The University of Leeds.
  • Connor Ravenscroft has an offer to read Philosophy and Theology at The University of Exeter.

Art, Photography, ICT and Creative Media Design are subjects that perform consistently in the top 10% nationally at Budehaven. This success has enabled many of our students to pursue careers in the creative world.

  • Mackenzie King has offers to read Film Production at places such as Worcester and Gloucestershire.
  • Morris Haynes and Ed Hobbs both have offers to read Film Production at Gloucestershire.
  • Alyssa Wint is a talented musician and has accepted a Firm Offer from Bath Spa University to read Creative Writing and History.
  • Holly Bakewell has worked very hard developing her portfolio which has resulted in an offer to read Interior Design at Falmouth University.
  • Aidan Colwill has also produced a high-quality portfolio and had some rigorous interviews. He has received an offer to read Graphic Design at Oxford Brookes University.
  • Max Richards has been given an unconditional offer to read Computer Generated Imagery at Solent University.
  • Neve Saxton has a place at Falmouth University to read Sustainable Festival Management.
  • Katie Hallett has offers to read Creative Advertising and Dance and Choreography at Falmouth University.

The current Year 12 are beginning their journey on the UCAS path. Several students have been selected to be part of The University of Exeter Scholar’s Scheme where they attend workshops on subjects such as ancient history, theology, bioscience, geology and mining. They also will be attending the UCAS convention in Exeter in March.

Our students’ choices demonstrate a Sixth Form with proven high aspirations and every promise for success. One of the things which Budehaven always sets out to achieve is to prepare Sixth Form students for university life in such a way that the transition from school to university is smooth, because students have not only worked hard, they have also matured as young adults able to cope as readily with examinations as with the immense opportunities which university life presents.

It is good to see that hard work is really paying off, with first-class offers from universities right across the UK being made to local students who deserve every success in their exams. Good luck to them all.





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