Budehaven School partially closes temporarily

Budehaven School has had a number of staff test positive for Covid-19, alongside a small number of pupils and their family members. This has led to a shortage of teachers needed to maintain safe on-site provision for all students.

Following advice from Public Health England and Cornwall Council, all teaching is being removed to remote for now for all year groups.

Rachel Wigglesworth, Interim Director of Public Health for Cornwall Council said: “The school has seen an increase in the number of cases, which is a direct reflection of what we are seeing the community around the school and have made the difficult decision to close temporarily to ensure the safety of staff, pupils and families.

Whilst we know that this may cause childcare issues with children at home unexpectedly, this decision has not been taken lightly.  We all need to follow the guidance from Public Health – It is our responsibility and our responses, which are key to keeping numbers down here in Cornwall in our communities and our schools.

Headteacher, Dominic Wilkes says in his newsletter:

We have already been operating with our remote curriculum model in Year 11 for nine days, and with Years 7, 12 and 13 this week, and the feedback from parents, carers and students, has been overwhelmingly positive. Your child will receive their class codes, which they will need in order to access the remote learning hub. Full details of how to access this can be found on the school website at http://www.budehaven.cornwall.sch.uk/remote-curriculum-hub

It is important to stress to everyone that I do not take decisions such as these lightly; it is important that all children can have full access to the curriculum at all times. This is especially important given the amount of time in school our students have missed since March. However, the safety of all students, members of staff and all members of our community is our number one priority, and for this reason, with every reported or suspected case, we have consulted with Public Health England and Cornwall Council, to make a well-informed decision about the appropriate measures to put in place. You will no doubt have seen in the media that the transmission rate of Covid-19 in the local area has increased significantly over the past couple of weeks, and this has also affected many businesses in the surrounding areas. If we all work together, we can reduce this.

We will review the situation over the next few days, and hope to resume our normal provision as soon as we possibly can. Budehaven Community School will remain open to vulnerable children and children of key workers in the meantime, for year groups who are not currently self-isolating.

We thank parents, carers and students for their help and cooperation at this challenging time, and strongly advise that we all pull together at the moment to follow the rules in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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