Budehaven scholars enrol on Exeter Uni scheme

From Budehaven School:

A number of Budehaven sixth form students began their preparation for university life by enrolling on The University of Exeter Scholars scheme. Students participate in a range of activities and opportunities, providing an insight into university as well as a subject-specific experience. Each Exeter Scholars pathway consists of its own unique programme, students spend time in lectures, talk to current undergraduates and learn about how to become an academic.

Jackson Ward is a keen scientist and has taken part in the Medicine programme. Megan West has selected Economics; Connor Ravenscroft has chosen Theology and Robert Clarke-Feltham has picked Geology and Mining. Matt Cleave a student in Year 13, spent time on the same course and he now has an offer at Exeter.

Lyle Coles is a talented mathematician and has spent time over the year working at Exeter’s Mathematics Faculty. Ned Gleed is one of our keen scientists and he has opted for Physics. Last year, many Year 13s followed the initiative and are now reaping the rewards of good conditional offers from Exeter, a top Russell Group University. Emily Skipp and James Wheeler spent time in the Business Department and Evie Skipp went to read Theology.

Budehaven Sixth form prepares students well for university. Last year, 80% went to university, many of those at top Russell groups universities. This year, 76 students have applied and are working diligently to ensure they meet their Firm offers.

Photo – Rob, Jackson, Megan.

Enrolment into Budehaven Sixth Form is on Thursday 29th August at 9 am. For further information please contact Michelle Skipp or Matthew White at michelle.skipp@budehaven.cornwall.sch.uk

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