Budehaven cookbook – can you help?

Teachers and students in Budehaven’s Food Department and the Friends of Budehaven have plans to produce a wonderful new cookbook, which they hope to sell in order to raise money for the school.

The theme of the book is ‘Food That Doesn’t Cost the Earth’ and they’d love to collect recipes, tips and ideas from the school community – teachers, students, parents, carers, grandparents.

They also have some brilliant chefs, working in Cornwall, lined up as contributors too.

 Thinking about recipes that fit with the following themes:

  • cooking with ingredients with less packaging (let’s ditch the plastic!)
  • cooking with ingredients you can buy locally
  • cooking with seasonal ingredients
  • cooking with leftovers
  • cooking from scratch
  • cooking with less energy (slow and low cooking)
  • cooking with less meat


You can send in as many ideas, tips and recipes as you like! Please complete this form by Friday 12 July.

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