Budehaven celebrates GCSE and BTEC results

Budehaven school library was bustling on this morning, as nervous but excited students collected their GCSE and BTEC results.

Happy students 

There were celebratory hugs all round, as students opened up their results envelopes to find they had achieved the grades they had worked so hard for in their GCSE and BTEC courses.   Many teachers and support staff were on hand to congratulate them and share plans for their next steps.

The school was delighted to see many students achieve Grade 9s, placing them amongst the highest performing students in the country. So, huge congratulations go to Raily Graham, Abby MacAuliffe, Charlotte Hussey, Lily Palin, Bodhi Neve-O’Dwyer, Bethany Hiatt, Louis Griffiths-Bird, Charlotte Gamble, Matthew Colwill, and Maggie Caddick, all of whom join the elite Grade 9 club!

Although most students will return to school for the sixth form, some have decided to now begin their careers and have worked hard to secure apprenticeships, amongst them Quinly Barlow who will begin his plumbing apprenticeship and Reef Harrison who will specialise in hairdressing.

Laura Mead, Chair of Governors joined the students and staff in the school’s library and praised their achievements.   ‘Budehaven students and staff have worked hard to achieve these results. I am very pleased that their years at Budehaven have provided them with a springboard for even more success to come’.

Smiles all round

Enrolment for Budehaven’s Sixth Form takes place in the school Library on Thursday, 29th August.  Go along to enrol at any time between 9.00 a.m to midday.

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