#BudeForFood’s Youngest Recruits

photo 1-2It’s always great to meet Bude’s brilliant young people, especially when they are doing something proactive and community minded. So, it was my pleasure to meet Bude Youth Hub at The Shack. The Shack is a rather cool meeting place. Parking was easy, and I got to dip into their chips (thanks, guys) plus try a drink containing one of my five a day to counteract the chips (thanks, Jake – I also borrowed your pen and still have it!)

The indefatigable Beth and Sally from the Bude For Food Festival were there to congratulate the young people on their essential role in Bude’s newest and brightest event.

The young people from Bude Youth Hub and Bude First Scout Group played a major part in the festival. Some of the older members were there pretty much for the whole weekend, volunteering, while the younger ones put in a reduced stint, appropriate to their age. Around 39 young people played their part on the rota, all of whom are students at Budehaven School.   How impressive are they?

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Bude For Food’s Sally Gostick told the young people at their committee meeting:

We wouldn’t have managed without you, so the festival would not have been so successful without your input. The reports we had were all really good. The festival attracted around 7000 people over the two days so the stewards, aided by the young people, were busy the whole time”.

What jobs did the youngsters do? Well, there were a huge variety, from selling entry wristbands to litter picking and, even assisting in a spot of toilet cleaning. They helped reunite lost children with their parents, made tea to look after the flagging staff, worked as runners and roadies, and helped stallholders to set up and take down. Some sold bags and tee-shirts, plus tickets for the evening events. Others stopped people walking in front of the stage during the demos, so their role was both varied and responsible. Exhibitors said it was the smoothest festival they had ever got out of, with the whole thing cleared within two hours of it closing.

Beth Lewitt, from Bude for Food, and Widemouth Beach House added:

We had really positive feedback on the things the guys did. The speed of their packing and unpacking 300 chairs, and collecting rubbish for the evening events had to be seen to be believed. It was phenomenal. It was an amazing example of people power.


Annie Winsland, the Youth Hub Co-ordinator for CATS explained how the hours of volunteering the young people put in will look great on applications for employment of courses, and show what a contribution the young people have made to their community. Meanwhile, Integer training has offered some free training opportunities to the volunteers, so it’s great that their community-spirit has been recognised and rewarded.  Well done, one and all.  Bude is proud of you.

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