Bude Youth Theatre needs your canal stories

Following recent storms in Bude, what appears to be railway lines were revealed on Summerleaze beach (see picture). In fact these sand rails are relics of the Bude Canal and usually lie hidden under the sand. Almost 200 years ago they fanned out across the beach from a turntable beyond the iron bridge, beneath the sealock, allowing lime-rich sand to be shovelled into side-tipping trucks on wheels, before being pulled up to the canal and transferred into tub boats to be transported inland via the canal.

Bude Youth Theatre director, Richard Wolfenden-Brown , spotted the rails on Sunday 11 Nov and thought this was a timely appearance, as Bude Youth Theatre have been invited by The Bude Canal & Harbour Society to create an original play with songs to mark the 200th anniversary of The Bude Canal in 2019. They are currently hoping to unearth canal-related stories, memories, snippetts, photographs which can be used in a theatre production, to be performed from 27-30 March 2019.

Richard said: “We are keen to hear from anyone with stories to share about the canal. They could be to do with your family history, people whose lives have been shaped or changed by the canal over 200 years, the abundant wildlife, the rich environment of the canal, or a simple story about something that has happened to you, your family and friends, on or near the canal. The young actors in Bude Youth Theatre are keen to hear your stories in order to build a play that truly reflects the memories and feeling of local people in relation to the canal.”

Information can be posted to Richard at 7, Killerton Rd, Bude or e-mailed to richard.wb@btinternet.com or call him on 01288 356537. Young people aged 9-17yrs are also still welcome to get involved in the production.

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