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2013-03-11 09.27.21OK, yesterday was the fun version, but today let’s take a real look at Bude Business Networking Meetings. I’m sure Debbie Cousins from Bude Works will not mind me helping myself to her information from the website (after all, why reinvent the wheel?):

Bude Works has been set up by Bude Job Centre Plus (JCP) to help local unemployed people back into the workplace or to support them in establishing their own business.  Living in Bude (and the surrounding area) is both beautiful and challenging, as with any an area that relies on the tourist industry.

Recently the Bude Job Seekers register increased by over 25% – a staggering increase, which is obviously unsustainable.  Everyone would like an opportunity to contribute to the local Bude economy, by having an income and support local businesses. There are a number of initiatives within Cornwall and Devon to support Job Seekers and local employers – including an employers wage incentive, apprenticeship payments, training and events for job seekers and businesses.  For more information on these please contact us.

Bude has a fantastic, supportive, active local community, the success of this venture relies heavily on the support of the Bude community.

Bude Works is building on the success of Cornwall Works which has the following mission statement:

“Cornwall Works brings all of Cornwall’s back to work support together to help more people move into work, stay in work and progress in work.”


In terms of the Business Networking meetings, I think this is the important part: Bude has a fantastic, supportive, active local community, the success of this venture relies heavily on the support of the Bude community.

What is apparent is that local businesses need to support each other (and they do, which is where networking is vital so we know who and what is out there and how we can cross promote).

It is also vital that local people support local businesses because these are the folk who as they grow, in Bude, will create jobs.

For me, it was fascinating yesterday not just to meet the people I know but to meet some I didn’t and to see the cross-section of businesses out there, some established and some young and growing.  And the business community has a vested interest in trying to help unemployed people find work, and to find the best talent for the roles they have on offer.

So, what can businesses do to help the local people who are seeking work? It’s all here….

For those seeking work, these are pathways into employment… and for graduates this site is worth registering with….http://www.gradcornwall.co.uk/

So, a few items of special interest:

Monday 18th March at Neetside centre – social entrepreneurs who have an idea for a sustainable business. 1pam – 12 noon

Thurs 14th March 7.30pm Falcon hotel – Bude chamber of Commerce Quarterly Meeting

Thurs 14th March, 8am – 12,30pm – Barnstaple Hotel, info for employers on apprenticeships

Tues 16th April, 9am – 4pm, Falcon Hotel #bigupbude event – seeks local employers to help

Fri 19th April 10am – 12 noon – Bude business Networking event

Check out FB and Twitter, too. On twitter there is now #cornwallhour Weds 7.30-8.30pm where Cornish businesses tweet their news

#devonhour is each Weds 8-9pm as above but for Devon

Bude Works/Bude Job Centre can offer mock interviews to build confidence (I used to do these with year 11s in school and they work), Universal Job Match, Q & A sessions to inspire job seekers….and much much more….


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