Bude Tunnel – why not really make it a tourist attraction?

Well, it started out as a big joke, but it didn’t take long for Bude Tunnel to become the town’s number one attraction on Trip Advisor.

The joke is probably now wearing thin, as Trip Advisor has apparently stopped allowing any more comments. However, while everyone in Bude knows the Tunnel attraction was a joke, visitors were understandably less sure. The bad news is that some people may well feel this really is our number one attraction. Of course, Bude has so much more to offer. Fabulous surfing beaches, The Castle, the SW Coastal Path, great cafes and shops, the Canal and many other places of interest.

However, what if Sainsbury’s joined the local community in making the tunnel a REAL tourist attraction, one which was painted with marine life as in a shark tunnel of a Sea Life Centre? One with information on protecting the marine environment? We have this amazing opportunity to use the massive publicity it has earned to make it into something incredible to push Bude’s environmental message. Everyone, including Sainsbury’s, could only benefit from this.




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