Bude Town Meeting – a view

Thanks to Lucille Opie for this, as I was in Lyme Regis at the time, so missed it:


The Annual Town Council Meeting was chaired by Alan Biggs, the Deputy Mayor, as the Mayor, Lea Deely, was on official Council business in France. There were not many members of the public there, but those who were present were allowed to ask questions.

I asked the chair why the refurbishment of the Bude Light had not been started in March as was expected. The Chair said it could be started in May, June or July, but he didn’t know. I knew that Mr Fanshaw was waiting to receive some correspondence before he would commence the refurbishment and was extremely worried as time was getting on and the Light cannot now be finished before the visitors arrive. However, the matter has now been resolved as Mr Fanshaw has received the correspond.ence he has been waiting for! Weather permitting, he hopes to commence in late May or June. But isn’t it sad?  I am sure no one understands why it has taken the Council over three years to do their job to maintain the Bude Light, our Millenium Heritage Sculpture.

Additionally, I also why the standing orders that the Mayor said would be changed six months ago in order to ‘open up’ the Council had not been changed. The Council writes its own standing orders and in my, and many other people’s opinions, is not run democratically. A council is supposed to be accountable to the public but under the present standing orders, it is not. This very serious issue needs to be addressed asap and should be the first item on the agenda for the new council that at present has only twelve members, the same people who were on it before. How sad that no one elected to become a council member! I am sure we all appreciate the work councillors do and admire them and I am sure that if things could change the public would respond.

Come on, Bude people, let’s all take an interest in the welfare of our community in this wonderful town. If we all work together to help, we can make the Bude Town council open and approachable and so improve it. Come to the fuIl council meetings and listen as well as give your views.



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