Bude tarot reader explains how readings work

Emma-Jane Saunders, Bude tarot reader, tells us a little more about her craft. Please note that this is an opinion piece which Bude & Beyond does not necessarily endorse.


Hello everyone.

Emma-Jane Saunders of Dragon Goddess Healings here, back with another wee article on one of my favourite topics and spiritual services to give…

Tarot Cards


They conjure up images of fortune telling women in veils behind shadowed doors, with tarot cards to help them predict your future…

And in a sense, the cards DO predict the future…in a way.

But… think of them more as …a POSSIBLE pathway …for your journey through life.


What Are Tarot Cards?


Tarot Cards date back roughly to a medieval game in Italy in the 15th Century, although there is a wonderful and magical (pun intended) claim that their origin and inspiration may date back to ancient Egypt, to a legendary book by the Ibis-headed God, Thot, the God of Magic, the Moon and Writing.


Tarot cards soared in popularity during the 20th Century when the now famous and widely loved Rider Waite Smith tarot deck was created by a local Bude legend – Pamela Colman Smith.

An opportunity for Dawn to plug her book!

Tarot cards and their inspirational ideas have been in civilisation for a long time.

Modern tarot cards consist of 72 cards divided into two parts, the 21 Major Arcana and the 56 Minor Arcana.

Trying to detail them is a vast topic – but to simplify it: think of the Major Arcana as major life event/situation cards and the Minor Arcana as detailing with the small life details.


Tarot Cards fall under the term and practice of Divination.

Now some people have erroneous confused this word with the meaning of “conjuring with demons …” which is totally not the case.

I believe that this was twisted by the medieval church in order to further gain power during this time – they forbid the use of many divination practices, including the tarot. Divination comes from the Latin word for ‘divine’ – communion with the Gods or the sacred. Divination is usually seen as a practice that helps to predict a possible future…but it can also be used to look into the past and understand what the current underlying issues can be with the present.


In other words – divination is a vast subject and tarot cards are just a small topic within this


Modern Views


Now, tarot cards are used in many ways – and have always been highly associated with witches, mystics, cunning folk and with people who were outside normal society.

As such, tarot cards have gained a reputation for being wonderful guides and tools to making life better – but have also (sadly) been used by fraudulent people to take advantage of those most vulnerable, who look to the spiritual for help.

Most people will dismiss the tarot cards as nothing more than entertainment and hocus-pocus, but there are times when one is vulnerable and uncertain of current situations, in true need of guidance. They will then turn to tarot cards (or other divination means) to gain clarity on what possible paths to take and in some cases it can be life-changing.

My own first tarot card reading was life-changing for me. It was what started me on my own spiritual path of witchcraft.

So with tarot card readings, there are some traditional ways of doing it and there are others used uniquely to the individual. So, there is no right nor wrong way of having or doing a tarot Card reading. Every reading is unique to both the individual and Reader – so everyone will have different experiences to share and work in different ways!

Readings and spreads

One of the traditional methods of doing a tarot card reading is a 10 card spread known as the Celtic Cross.

It roughly covers many aspects of an individual’s life and roughly covers 6 months to a year ahead.

But I also have a spread that I call my own (although this spread has been used by many others and called different names) – a 9 card spread named the Number of The Goddess – which covers more of the Past, Present, Future.

So, how does a tarot card reading work, exactly?


The tarot card reading experience


(FYI – all that I am about to share is based from my own experiences).


The tarot deck I personally use is the Tarot Draconis by David Corsi.


Ideally, tarot card readings should always be between the individual and the reader – although they can be fun to listen to during group discussions and psychic parties.

The main reason why (ideally) tarot card readings should be one-to-one sessions is that tarot cards can reflect deepest truths and sometimes reveal shocking information. It can be a real eye-opening experience for the individual and at times overwhelming, in a emotional sense.


Usually when a tarot card reading is conducted by me, I will always make the client feel comfortable and discuss beforehand how I work with my psychic and spiritual abilities alongside the cards messages to give a detailed and complete experience.

I always emphasis two things: that a reading session is the client’s own – if they need to take a few minutes to absorb some of the information that is shared or need to stop altogether – then that is fine and I will respect those wishes. I also emphasis that the future is not set in stone – the reading only shows POSSIBLE paths to take – it is up to the client to follow the advice or not.

Most sessions will last at least 30 minutes – although there are times where sessions can go up to 60 minutes. A fundamental rule that I have learned from Spirit and Goddess is that spirit and psychic abilities will work on their own time and terms.


After connecting with my client and to Spirit, I will then be guided to use a particular spread; once I have laid out the cards accordingly; I explain in detail what each cards means – such as the natural element that is associated with it (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), the card’s attributes and the pictures and what the actions and paths they are suggesting for the individual to take.


I will often try to record the session – I will take photographs of the card spread and write up a summary notes and also record (where possible) via voice recorder of the session to send to the client so they they can have a record of their session and go back to re-read their reading to gain new insights and greater clarity to the messages shared.


Current Tarot Card Readings With Dragon Goddess Healings


Currently, my spiritual business, Dragon Goddess Healings is offering tarot card readings at a discounted price for the entire month of February!


Usually, a tarot card reading with me is £30 for 30+ minutes.


But my offer for February is 30+ minutes for just £20, saving £10.


If you are interested in booking a service with me – one of the best ways is to look up my Facebook page and the “Book Now” Button where you can see what days and times I have available to book a session.


Of course, if you do not have access to social media then you can still contact me via the following ways:


Telephone – 07419773719


I do hope that this article has explained a least a basic understanding of what tarot cards are and how the readings are conducted!

If this article has shown that tarot cards are not to be feared, then I have done my part in dismantling (at least a little bit) of the misconceptions around tarot cards and witchcraft practices in general.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this experience with you and I look forward to writing more in the future!

Blessed Be.

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