Bude students in climate protests today at The Triangle

By Indigo Haynes:

Students in Bude are striking and protesting at Bude Triangle as part of today’s UK Youth Climate Strike in support of their key demands for the government to declare a climate emergency, to tell the public the truth about our ecological crisis, and to act now to protect their future.

These actions are in response to the latest UN IPCC reports that governments of the world have only 11 years before the planet suffers dangerous levels of climate catastrophe.

Indigo Haynes, one of the Bude Protest organisers, said, ‘We are angry about the threat to our planet’s future. Every day 200 species fall into extinction, and our generation faces an unsafe future of extreme weather causing crop failures and food shortages. Government needs to listen to scientists and act now or one day we will follow those species into suffering and extinction.’

Indigo also said that Budehaven students involved in the strike did not want to disrupt exams in any way: ‘We have made our protest in the centre of Bude so that our action does not disturb our fellow students taking their GCSEs and ‘A’ levels, and to take our message to the wider public. We want adults and politicians to realise that we have run out of time for reacting to this global crisis in small ways, we must immediately begin reducing emissions and improving carbon absorption: drawing it down and locking it up.’

Organisers also hope that adults will see this as an example of young people taking a full part in the fight against climate catastrophe, that they have the biggest stake in the planet’s future, and that it is also time to reduce the voting age to 16.

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