Bude & Stratton Town Council candidate – Steve Haynes

Today is the turn of Steve Haynes, standing for Bude ward. Here is his statement …


“My name is Steve Haynes and I am standing as an independent candidate in Bude Ward with ‘Bude-Stratton Community Alliance’ for Town Council in the May elections.

I have been a teacher for 35 years and first set down roots in Cornwall 20 years ago. I came to Bude-Stratton to be a teacher at Budehaven Community School, where my three youngest children have also been educated.

For me, Bude-Stratton is an idyllic place and almost the complete opposite of the industrial town where I was born. My children have been so fortunate growing up in this beautiful area surrounded by such a caring and friendly community.

Bude-Stratton is really a place of many communities: people who almost live on our beaches, self-employed traders, people employed by local firms or international businesses, or who drive hundreds of miles for work, younger people and older people. There are people who are thriving in Bude-Stratton, and people who are just about hanging on. These difficult times have taught us how close a community we really are.

I am standing to be a town councillor because I want to represent you, so that your voices and ideas are heard and your needs taken seriously. It has been so long since we had a proper full council election that the voters of Bude-Stratton have almost forgotten that it is you who have the power to elect your councillors.

It is time to listen to you. I support the values of ‘Bude-Stratton Community Alliance’ because I believe that voting for candidates with these ideals will elect a council who work with everyone to make our town a better place.
If elected, I hope to work with others so that the council can change how it engages with decision-making; opening out council meetings to make discussions a true partnership between councillorsand the public who voted for them. I want you to be able to participate in deciding what our £1.3m per year budget should be spent on.

I also want our Town Council to be able to work hand-in-hand with our many local bodies and community groups to bring inward investment into Bude-Stratton and to provide help where it is most needed.

We need to make use of expertise that thrives in our town and also use the resources of our Town Council to help tackle the many issues that we all face. We need to support our young people through encouraging initiatives that nurture their development and also practical policies and projects that secure them a future in the place they call home. I support the creation of a Youth Council to shadow our Town Council to advise on policies that will affect our younger citizens. I will also support initiatives, such as the long-proposed Community Land Trust, that will help local young people, and those of us not so young, buy or rent truly affordable homes.

As a personal priority, I am dedicated to securing Bude-Stratton a quality local NHS service. I was a founder member of Save Stratton MIU, a group who worked to keep the pressure on NHS officers to return our local hospital to 24hr opening. As part of this, I travelled to Truro to ask difficult questions of health officials, and I spoke on BBC Radio Cornwall in support of the Community Treatment Centre model. We have been given great news that the CTC experiment is continuing for another six months, but we can’t keep lurching from one temporary solution to another. If elected I pledge to work with Cornwall Councillors, our neighbouring Parish Councils, Holsworthy Town Councillors and all stakeholders to help secure a local solution for communities living in our isolated areas of North Cornwall and Devon.

I also campaigned with ; to encourage Bude-Stratton Town Council to declare a Climate Emergency, and I feel that we need a Town Council who will be able to take the long view in making decisions that will make our home a more resilient place when dealing with the challenges that future generations will face.

I am standing as an independent candidate and supporting others to elect councillors who will listen to you, who will instinctively begin from a position of ‘Yes, how can we help?’, and who will work with our whole community to make our town a better place for us all. If you like the sound of a candidate who wants to achieve this, then please remember me and those standing with the description ‘Bude-Stratton Community Alliance’ when you vote for your new Town Council.

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