Bude & Stratton Town Council candidate – Sian Dearing

You should all be getting used to this by now, so here is the next candidate to send in some info about themselves and their campaign, Sian Dearing.


I am a Poughill resident and full time parent, with a background in Fine Art and (SEN) education. I am an independent, running in Stratton ward, with the support of Bude-Stratton community Alliance.
I am a passionate advocate for the type of inclusive and participatory local democracy that would reflect the true wishes of our community by prioritising listening, reinforcing community cohesion, and improving social-ecological resilience.
In practical terms that might look like a council which is willing to facilitate people’s assemblies and be open to concepts like participatory budgeting. I would like to see a Town Council that serves the community first and asks “how can we help you?”
It is a huge privilege to be part of such a vibrant coastal community. However, I believe that so much more needs to be done to mitigate the effects of climate change within our coastal region. We are already on the frontline, and cannot hope to retain some of the wonderful facilities and features on our doorstep without a Town Council that is willing to future proof it’s decision making processes, and be open minded to change.
2020/21 has shown us the power of community spirit in action. Brilliant things can be achieved by individuals, but it takes a whole community, working together, to realise positive and transformative change. Bude-Stratton Community Alliance is a perfect example of this supportive approach in action.
On a personal level, I am keen to support projects that nurture creativity and protect the mental health and well-being of all residents. Bude-Stratton is such a wonderful place to raise children and I believe that our Town Council should strive to improve community infrastructure that supports the needs of young and old alike.
I would love the opportunity to be part of a progressive and forward looking Town Council, that thinks creatively and acts collaboratively to meet the needs of all residents, including those of future generations.
Bude-Stratton has never had such a broad and diverse group of candidates to chose from in a Town Council election.
~ In Stratton ward there are 9 candidates standing for 6 seats. That’s 6 choices on the ballot paper.
~ In Bude ward there are 23 candidates standing for 11 seats. That equates to 11 choices on the ballot paper.
~ In Hele ward there are 2 candidates standing for 1 seat. That means just one choice on the ballot paper.
That is a lot of choice!
Bude-Stratton Community Alliance are a vibrant and committed collective of independents, with an exceptional range of skills. By sharing these skills we have supported one another to stand 18 fantastic candidates for all 18 available Town Council seats. We have played to our strengths to research, organise, canvass, design, write and create. Most importantly we are listening to one another and sharing knowledge and understanding about our wonderful parish and wider environment. It is a compelling vision to imagine a future Bude-Stratton Town Council that is willing and able to work with such a positive and collaborative energy, for the good of our entire community.
If you’re eligible and registered to vote, please consider supporting myself and other Bude-Stratton Community Alliance independent candidates on polling day.
Cast your vote(s) with the future in mind and have your say on the 6th of May!


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