Bude Storm Tower consultation

It’s still Compass Point to me!

Storm Tower Consultation – August 19th 6.30-8.30pm – Ivor Potter Hall- The Parkhouse Centre



The town council will be holding an evening consultation with the public to provide an update on the Storm Tower project and to discuss two very important topics for the Tower. This is what they say:


  • The Roof – when the tower is moved the roof will be replaced. Find out about the options for the new roof and have your say on your preference.
  • The Orientation- we know locally that the tower isn’t quite true to north, we are looking at the possible reasons for this and want to know which position you would like it rebuilt in.


We will be joined by the architect for the project and an representative from Historic England. This is a huge opportunity for you to get involved and have you say on the future of the tower.


If you would like to attend, please message us or email office@bude-stratton.gov.uk with your name to book a seat, you can also pop into the office. There will be 100 seats available any remaining will be on a first come basis.

Looking towards Compass Point across Summerleaze beach.


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