Bude Songwriters’ Workshop

Gary McCausland is offering a Bude Songwriting Workshop. The idea is to provide a relaxed, informal environment where aspiring songwriters can build and develop brand new or existing ideas, whether it be to performance level or just for personal pleasure.

The group will look at structure and form / melody and harmony / good old-fashioned ‘hooks’. Classic songs will be examined and broken down and popular themes and motifs explored.

Originality is always encouraged: creativity is the focus of the sessions with a strong emphasis on self expression. All ages and abilities are welcome.

As Gary says: learn the rules and then break them.

Gary is an established musician based in Bude, North Cornwall, who amongst other things has been under songwriting contract with IMG (owned by the Chairman of PRS), runs a local contemporary choir, teaches guitar and drums, in schools and privately, and is generally obsessed with all things musical!

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