Bude snow update

Snow in North Devon

Snow in North Devon

Hard to imagine on this sunny yet bitterly cold day that snow may be on the way, but it’s true.

The Met Office is warning of snow on Tuesday 27th February (it’s only a yellow) most likely in the evening. There could be a light snow shower Wednesday afternoon, and on Thursday, light snow is looking more likely from around 3 pm. Devon looks slightly more likely to see some. The BBC suggests Tuesday will be ok but very cold. Wednesday could bring light snow showers but it is also windy which by Thursday leads to light snow and strong winds. Temperatures improve after that and snow turns to rain! Accuweather seems to suggest Wednesday brings the most risk, and there may be wet snow on Friday 2nd March.

Netweather suggests a 71% chance of snow showers from 3om in Bude on Wednesday, 80% on Thursday evening, 1st March, and nothing much after that.

What does this tell us? No one really seems to have a clue. So, wrap up warm and keep watching for updates. Do check up on the elderly and other vulnerable groups during this cold spell which takes us to March.


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