Bude SLSC urges return of lifeguards

On their Instagram, Bude SLSC has written:

You may have heard the tragic news of two deaths in Cornwall yesterday with another member of the public in a critical condition after being rescued from the sea. If these incidents don’t highlight the absolute need for lifeguards to be back on our beaches we don’t know what will.⠀

Last year on Bude’s 7 beaches lifeguards rescued over 500 people. added to the other 241 lifeguarded beaches in the UK, the number of rescues carried out is a scary amount but highlights the absolute importance of a lifeguard presence on our coastline.⠀

As a club, we are finalising plans to establish a voluntary lifeguard surveillance support on our local beaches.

We are in tricky times and our members’ safety is key, but we are hopeful that we can get this rolled out as quickly and safely as possible; there will be more details to follow in the coming days. ⠀

In the meantime, if you do see someone in trouble, don’t attempt to rescue them yourself (unless you are trained to do so) but call 999 and ask for the coastguard.⠀

On the other hand, If you find yourself in trouble, don’t panic, our bodies naturally float. You need to fight your instincts, not the water, stay calm, keep your head above the water & wave for help.⠀

You can drown from swallowing as little as 2 millilitres of water per kilogram of body weight; this is less than a pint so please PLEASE take care around the coastline.


Thanks to all volunteers trying to help make our beaches safer.

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