#Bude Sea Pool’s #Cornish Water Refill

Bude Sea Pool

Bude Sea Pool

It’s Cornish. Right down to the very last drop Cornish tap water ReFILL.

Bude Sea Pool will be teaming up with local retailers and BEACHCARE to offer tap water refills at establishments displaying the ReFill sticker this summer. I’d love to be able to download the logo but I can’t so look out for a blue tap! 

Refillable water bottles will be available at Bude Sea Pool and the Tourist Information Centre. By buying and reusing this water bottle you’ll help keep Bude’s beautiful beaches litter free. You’ll also help to keep our lanes lorry free too. That’s important because they pump out carbon into our clear Cornish air and clog up our country lanes.

Everytime you refill one of our bottles you will help to save the local environment from the damage that transporting and using bottled water can bring – and you will get to enjoy one of Cornwall’s finest natural ingredients: Cornish Tap Water.

While Bude’s beaches are among the cleanest in Cornwall, single use plastic bottles present us with the same problems they do everywhere.

Around 10 million plastic bottles are discarded each year in the UK, with some of them ending up in our rivers, streams, waterways and ultimately, the sea. Some of those may end up in the marine environment or washing up on our beaches.

All profits from the sale of the Water Bottles will go towards the upkeep of Bude’s historic Sea Pool.

REFILL is powered by BEACHCARE. Supporting communities for a cleaner beach. 

Neil Hembrow, BeachCare Coordinator says: “Plastic has been commercially available for less than a century and yet we see so much being washed in on our beaches from the sea each week. It is disturbing to think what the situation is going to be like in another 100 years. This scheme will help tremendously”.

About Bude Sea Pool

The Sea Pool in Bude was created in the 1930s to provide a haven for safe swimming for the people of the town and the thousands of people who visit it each year.

The pool nestles under the cliffs on the north Cornwall coast and is topped up twice a day by the waves of the Atlantic. On a summer’s day the sprawling, sparkling expanse of the Sea Pool offers a blissful opportunity to escape from modern life and to laze, splash or bathe in calm sea water. It is a rare kind of construction: partially man-made and in harmony with the natural environment.  Bude Sea Pool provides a precious opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, close to the ferocity of the natural environment but sheltered from its extreme effects.

Following funding cutbacks, the Sea Pool faces an uncertain future. The Friends of Bude Sea Pool was formed in early 2011 to secure the Pool’s future under local management.


The BeachCare programme, which is supported by South West Water, creates self-sufficient beach clean groups by supplying equipment, insurance and support on an ongoing basis as well as having an officer to host ‘one-off’ events.

Launched in April 2010 the programme now completes around three clean-ups a week in the South West and is always looking to support others on the beach.

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