Bude Sea Pool channel swim

Good luck to all the swimmers today at Bude Sea Pool. They’ve started early so please lend your support. Alas, the weather is not looking its best but will hopefully improve.

Following the first Charity Channel Challenge in 2013, the Friends of Bude Sea Pool are hosting the sixth event today. It started at 6 am.

The aim is for relay teams to complete 22 miles in the water to match the width of the English Channel, raising funds for Bude Sea Pool with every stroke.

The teams will swim a total of 440 lengths of the 91m pool. Some teams enter 22 people, but some teams -amazingly – are only 2!

Teams, both local and from all over the country, not only enjoy the Challenge but also help raise in excess of £2000 annually through sponsorship. All funds raised will contribute to the cost of the pool’s ongoing upkeep and enhancements.

If you want to bring along a cake to help keep their strength up, please do.



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