Bude Podcaster Interviews MPs at Labour ‘Green’ Launch

Bude-based writer and podcaster, Jane Holland, met with two high profile politicians in late June, when they paid a visit to Cornwall to launch the ‘Labour Green Industrial Revolution”. Along with Steve Haynes, Chair of Bude-Stratton Labour Branch, she interviewed the MPs to get their take on local ‘green’ issues.

Rebecca Long-Bailey, shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, was a keynote speaker at the Cornish launch. Addressing a large enthusiastic crowd at Heartlands, Redruth, she told them: ‘Cornwall is my spiritual home’ before outlining ways the Labour Party plans to help the environment here. Developing a plan for ‘well-paid, secure jobs’ in new green technologies was high on her agenda too.

In an interview later for Jane’s podcast Red Cornwall, the MP for Salford said: ‘The only way we’re going to transform is if we have a movement,’ as she praised Cornish youth strikers for putting climate crisis back on the political agenda after years of Brexit talk.

MP Barry Gardiner, shadow Secretary of State for international trade and shadow minister for international climate change, also spoke at the launch. He expressed concern for declining wildlife species and insisted that major changes to Cornwall’s public transport infrastructure would be required to meet targets for reducing our carbon footprint. Indeed!

In the podcast, Gardiner described the need to ensure a national programme of ‘regional investment’ to transform Cornwall’s bus and rail services, replacing lost routes and providing non-polluting buses.

Paul Farmer, Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle, is next on the list to be interviewed by Red Cornwall.

Podcasting has really taken off since the Brexit referendum, giving ordinary people a voice, with many political podcasts receiving thousands of hits. Red Cornwall focuses mainly on left issues within the duchy but is outward-looking too.

Recent interviewees on Red Cornwall have included Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party; Jayne Kirkham, Cornwall Councillor and a Labour candidate in the recent MEP elections; and Luke Pollard, Labour MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport.

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Photo: left to right Indigo Haynes, Steve Haynes, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Barry Gardiner

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