Bude needs your opinions!

Bude needs you! We (Bude and the surrounding areas) have a chance to be heard! We have been asked our opinions on the following points from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Health and Care Partnership.
(Remember what we achieved with Stratton MIU overnight!)

1 – Improve maternity services
2 – Improve children and young people services (0-25)
3 – Increase support for people to live a healthier life
4 – Make care and support more personal
5 – Transform care provided in the community that can keep people at home
6 – Improve pathways of care to improve outcomes for people with major health conditions
7 – Improve how we respond in a crisis
8 – Improve adult mental health services
9 – Improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities and/or autism
10 – Improve hospital services
11 – Encourage digitally enabled care and support
12 – Improve effective use of resources.

If you would prefer to message the details, please feel free to either send a private message through facebook or alternatively please email savingstrattonhospital@gmail.com

Or send to 45 Kings Hill, Bude, Cornwall. EX 23 8QH

This is our chance to make a difference. These will be presented directly to the Partnership at the end of November.

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