#Bude Needs Sunday Bus Link to Rail Services

Dan Rogerson

Dan Rogerson

Bude’s local Liberal Democrat MP Dan Rogerson has said that it is essential that the town has a bus link to a railway station on a Sunday.

He’s not wrong!  It is unthinkable that some people cannot reach or leave the town by public transport to catch a train on Sunday. Bude is cut off enough from mainline services, something which no major political party seems to have the will to put money into or to change.  
Dan Rogerson has raised concerns about the lack of a public transport link to a train station with local bus companies and with Cornwall Council’s transport department.
Mr Rogerson is keen to find a way to bring back a Sunday service, after Western Greyhound’s 599 route between Bude and Exeter St David’s train station was cancelled several weeks ago. Stagecoach’s X9 service between Bude and Exeter only runs from Monday through to Saturday.
Commenting, Dan Rogerson said:
“Having a link between Bude and a railway station is vital, both for residents and businesses as well as for the local economy. The town is already too far away from a railway station, which is why I have been campaigning to bring back regular train services to and from Okehampton.
“As well as being a nuisance for residents, I am concerned that the lack of a Sunday bus service is a deterrent to tourists looking to visit Bude and north Cornwall for a weekend using public transport, impacting on our vital tourism industry.
“I will keep on working with my Liberal Democrat colleagues Nicky Chopak, Paula Dolphin, Nigel Pearce and David Parsons, who represent Bude, Stratton and the surrounding villages on Cornwall Council, to explore all the possible options for restoring a Sunday bus service to and from the town.”


  • Avatar Amanda Mitchell says:

    I could not agree more. It is outrageous that there is no longer a link on Sundays between Bude and Exeter. I recently used the 1st Gt Western Sunday train from Okehampton to Exeter – a great service which was crowded with people and will hopefully be extended some time very soon to run year round and on weekdays too – but without one’s own transport that service is also not accessible to Bude inhabitants. I can only hope that Dan Rogerson is successful in his attempts to restore the Sunday bus service.

  • Avatar Malcolm Mitchell says:

    Encouraged as we are, by high fuel taxes and vehicle taxation costs, to leave the car at home, it is ludicrous not to have any public transport available for half of the weekend between Bude and the outside world.
    We recently had to take my son’s car back to Bristol for him, and it meant returning to Bude on the Sunday. This return journey entailed catching a local Bristol bus from Westbury to Temple Meads Station, catching the train to Exeter (all good so far), but then having to catch a Wadebridge bound Sunday bus service, getting off at Launceston, and retrieving our own car which was left parked there over the weekend! If we were car-less, as many people are, we would either have to try and get a friend to pick us up, get a Taxi or walk back to Bude – crazy!
    What is it about North Cornwall that makes it invisible to the powers that be when it comes to access issues? There was better public transport available for Bude back in the 19th century 🙁
    I do sincerely hope that Dan Rogerson continues, and is successful, in his campaign to improve our transport links, especially after the all the effort many of us put in to the rail access debate during the Winter storms – little did we know then that we would be even worse off now by losing all of our Sunday bus services.

  • Avatar Merrial Muse says:

    It is not good enough that Bude has no Sunday service to Exeter or anywhere else for that matter I hope that we get a response and soon Bude is being forgotten in lots of ways and the local people who do not have cars are being penalised. In this day and age when we are asked to keep cars off the roads it is unthinkable not to have some sort of service. Many elderly have to visit sick family in hospital and the like also. I have mentioned this on facebook maybe a petition may help

  • Avatar Aidan says:

    This is probably our most discussed topic on Budebayradio, This is a big problem for students who come home weekends and work friday & saturday evenings before returning to local (Bristol, Bath, Winchester, southampton… etc) universities and colleges on a sunday in time for monday morning lectures, I have also seen families waiting most sunday’s for a bus to get home in time to start work on a monday morning, when I point out there’s no bus until tomorrow I’m met with disbelief, that a town this size who’s population triples in the summer has no sunday public transport connections to the rest of the world!

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