Bude – more isolated than average

An interesting little postcode exercise within a Devon Live feature shows Bude as more isolated than average, though not as isolated as some places, obviously. Of course, we all know this!

Bude scores 45/100, making it less connected than other places. It is part of Bude’s charm, of course, but also problematic, as quite a few important services take time to reach.

Of course, the biggest issues are trains, planes and major hospitals.

The feature suggests Exmouth is a very well connected seaside town and using that criteria, we can see why.  It has a railway station and is close to Exeter.

I guess, the reality is that distance isn’t the only issue – we all have certain factors we look for in our lives, which varies from person to person, and for many a good sense of community is important. What matters to you?

Give us your views.

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