Bude lifeguards as busy as ever

Report by Lifeguard, Ella Henwood:


RNLI lifeguard sets up the flags on the beach. Credit-Nigel-Millard.jpg

The sunny spell may be over but the beaches are still as busy as ever.


Crackington, our most Southern beach, had its first rescue of the year this week. First-year Lifeguard, Rhys, rescued a young child who drifted out of their depth at low tide. Rhys was already on board patrol in the sea so was able to quickly bring them back to the safety of the beach.


This season, Blackrock Lifeguards have seen a large increase in visitor numbers due to it being one of the sandiest beaches at high tide. Last week, a report came in that there was a missing person last seen in a cove North of Widemouth. Blackrock Senior Richie and Widemouth Lifeguard James launched the IRB (Inshore Rescue Boat) to carry out a shoreline search from the water. With no sighting of the missing person, Bude Lifeboat was requested to help with the search outside as it was outside of our operational area. An hour and a half after the initial report the missing person was found safe and well by a Lifeguard on roaming patrol.


Widemouth beach has been busy as ever, Lifeguard Ben rescued a young child and their parent who had drifted out on their bodyboard beyond the breaking waves. They had taken their feet off the floor and began to drift. Ben was able to paddle the rescue board out through the dumping waves and bring the young child and their parent safely back to the beach.

Credit Nigel Millard. RNLI.

Summerleaze has seen the highest visitor numbers recorded in years. At 6:05 pm, Lifeguard Rory was locking up the Lifeguard hut when a large wave washed over the sea pool knocking a parent and their 2 children into the sea. They were struggling to stay afloat but luckily Rory had spotted them and jumped in the sea with a Rescue Tube. He was able to swim all 3 of them back to the Sea Pool steps.


Crooklets Lifeguards have also been kept on their toes. On Tuesday, Lifeguards Tremaine & Ben were at low tide when a flash rip took 10 of their bathers out of their depth and into a dangerous area of water. They put in a call to Summerleaze Lifeguards who came and covered the red & yellow flags whilst Tremaine and Ben brought all 10 bathers back to the sand.


Northcott Beach has seen some very strong rips at low tide. First-year Lifeguard, Josh, successfully carried out his first rescue. A child went snorkelling and took their feet off of the floor, this caused them to get caught in the rip current which took them out of their depth. Josh reacted quickly and picked up the child on a rescue board.


Sandymouth Lifeguards have been busy both in the water and on the beach. They assisted an elderly person with breathing difficulties after a suspected seizure. Lifeguards James and Alfie treated the patient with oxygen and provided plenty of reassurance. They were able to bring the breathing back to a safe rate before handing over to the paramedics.


Monday 27th August is Bude Lifeboat day. 8 of our Lifeguards will be assisting the Lifeboat Crew in the Water Rescue demonstration. The Lifeguards and Lifeboat Crew will be in the water (11 am) at Summerleaze Beach with the Rescue Water Craft (RWC) and IRB showing the public how we carry out our rescues and how we very often work together.


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