Bude lifeguards are back on the beaches

After a snowy start, Bude’s RNLI Lifeguards have completed their 2 weeks training induction and are now back on the sand. Their induction included fitness testing in the swimming pool as well as training on the RWC (Rescue Water Craft), IRB (Inshore Rescue Boat) and Casualty Care First Aid Training. This year, Lifeguards spent a day with Bude Lifeboat crew volunteers, familiarising themselves with the Lifeboat and its recovery and winching practices.

Widemouth and Summerleaze beach have been Lifeguarded over the Easter period and will now be open every weekend 10am-6pm. From Saturday 5th May Lifeguards will be on duty 7 days a week on both Widemouth & Summerleaze Beach.

‘A cold start to the season but a very warm welcome from all the Bude Lifeguards, it’s a pleasure to be back’ – said Mini Fry, Summerleaze Senior.

Although the sun is shining, the sea is still very cold. Cold water shock can occur in water temperatures below 15 degrees; the sea is currently 10 degrees, so please take care. If you are planning on heading to the sea, we recommend wearing a wetsuit and having some dry clothes to change into when you leave the water.

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