Bude Lifeboat Day – Laughing in the Face of Rain

Here in Bude, we laugh in the face of rain” said Bude Lifeboat on their Twitterfeed, and they certainly pulled out all the stops today with their demonstrations, including a lifeboat capsize drill, the rescue demo using the Padstow lifeboat and the helicopter from Chivenor, though part of me expected to see an ark, so incessant was the rain. “When is it going to stop?” asked one collector. Indeed.

BBQ on Canal wharf

Brave souls along the Canal Wharf continued to BBQ their food for the passing trade, despite the extremely wet conditions

Pleased to say that many locals turned out to see them, and I sincerely hope the donations make it the usual major success.

Returning to the base

Returning to base, demonstrations over. The helicopter from Chivenor made it this year which was a bonus. It was called out on an emergency last year….

However, most of us are not as stalwart as the lifeboat crews and wandering around the Castle Grounds area of Bude in the rain wasn’t the delight we wanted. The weather simply wasn’t on the charity’s side today and it will surely impact upon proceeds, despite all their gallant efforts. A rotten end to a rubbish summer, weatherwise, and while the event will still be successful due to sheer determination and effort, it seems a shame that it can’t be as good as recent years.

Dog sheltering from the rain

Dog owned by RNLI collector who was sheltering under the ‘road closed’ sign.

Thinking back to last year, my family and friends were out in Bude all day on Lifeboat Day, until after the firework finale. This time, we managed an hour, wet through, though ensured I did give a donation. The poor lifeguard collectors had quickly discovered, as did I, that their coats and trousers were not waterproof. I am probably a bit of a wuss but cold and wet tends to remove the fun.

RNLI lifeguard car

A reminder of the reason for the day – in aid of the RNLI and Bude lifeboat/lifeguard

Interestingly, we own holiday cottages and most people stayed in today. Those who braved Bude were there for a very short period of time and I suspect that this will be the tale generally. As much as people want to support the local lifeboat crew, they prefer to do it on a sunny day! That said, there was a decent turnout, but nothing like the leisurely sitting around on the Castle Green experienced last year.

Bude Toy ibrary

Lisa Tame of Bude RNLI also has connections with Bude Toy Library which, despite the rain, used outdoor play equipment to keep the youngsters happy

Love the positive Tweets and attitude and am really sorry, after all the hard work – and cost – that goes into arranging a day like this, that the weather was so darned awful. I wanted to ‘laugh in the face of rain’ but as my camera got soaked, my hair dripped down my face and the water seeped through my coat and trousers leaving me cold and uncomfortable, laughter was in rather short supply.

Large RNLI Collecting Tin

Opportunity to throw money into the boat……a large RNLI collecting tin

A big thanks to the cheery collectors and those organising events…..I signed up as a member last year, so at least I know I’m helping the RNLI all year round. For anyone who missed today because of the weather, then I’m sure a donation would     still be very welcome!


RNLI stall

It may have been raining outside, but they were still selling RNLI goodies inside the tent

RNLI collector

She’s normally very chirpy – and indeed was today when I spoke to her, as she was last year when she sold me membership – but just a brief “when will this stop?” moment….

Inside the tent
The tent was packed out with people sheltering from the rain…..

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