Bude Library coming into the fold

Many people use Bude Library and that’s wonderful because libraries are amazing things. As a child, I loved libraries and still do – they opened up a whole new world to me through books!

Now Bude Library and Information Service remains at the heart of the community with Bude-Stratton Town Council now running it instead of Cornwall Council.

Mark Berridge, Castle and Communities Manager, is now managing the service in addition to his current duties at The Castle (which is also owned and run by Bude-Stratton Town Council).

He said: “I think Bude can really benefit from having the library under Town Council management as our town now has a greater say over the service. We are actively encouraging residents to join the library and to make use of the services available. Come on down, we’ll be delighted to sign you up for a library card. Plus, since The Castle is but a minute away, there’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a nice cuppa and a cake, or a light lunch, after signing up. Lastly, I’d like to remind all existing library users that there will be no change to the current great service they are familiar with, and we’ll be looking at what other activities we can provide.”

So, what changes can be expected at the Library?

While books and dvds have long been available, including those suitable for children, there is also an information service (one-stop shop) and access to computers and wifi.

Mark is keen to bring it into the Castle fold for events and clubs. Knit & Natter and Rhyme Time already use the library but he wants to encourage more activities, something the library staff are fully on board with. For example, e feels homeschoolers could use it as a base for a book club. He’s also looking at offering workshops, such as safety online, but also book signings, clubs, writing groups and teddy bear picnics. The aim is to open every weekday – the library currently closes 2 days a week. He is also keen to use his graphic design skills to brighten up areas of the library to make it even more welcoming. Watch this space!

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  • Siobhan Dwyer says:

    Would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to the very kind and helpful lady who helped me achieve what I needed to get done. Her name was Sally and I was very grateful for her help and support.

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