Bude – keeping calm and doing what we can

While we are facing challenges known to everyone, I’ve decided to highlight anyone offering an extra or altered service in and around Bude.

So, today, I was pretty impressed to read of a re-focus for now by The Shack in Bude. They have long offered meals on wheels but here are their plans to focus especially on Bude’s elderly customers.

On their Facebook page, they have posted:

Due to recent developments with the Covid-19 outbreak, we feel it is especially important now to focus on our Meals on Wheels Bude customers, so we have decided to use our space purely for this service and temporarily close the restaurant with immediate effect.

By closing the restaurant we will be minimising contact with the general public and therefore reducing the risk of passing anything to the particularly vulnerable people out there. These people have become like family to us and are there all year around, this is our chance to make sure they are okay and together we will get through the other side.

Please note our meals on wheels service will now be a doorstep delivery service. Please be assured we will still be delivering the same level of service that your loved ones have been used to, we will check on them and contact next of kin should there be any concerns, as we always have.

We will be monitoring the health of all of our staff to ensure we are all fit and well to continue this service and will be taking all of the precautionary measures outlined by the officials.

We aim to re-open the restaurant as soon as this situation has passed. Sorry for any inconvenience.



Re their meals on wheels service:

As meals on wheels, we face a huge challenge in not assisting the passing of coronavirus between our elderly customers.

To ensure this never happens we have taken extra precautions/ safety methods

Gloves are to be worn by your delivery driver.

Hand sanitising is a must and we have notified all customer of a distance rule

Our meals are now being switched to takeaway containers instead of plates.

We ask all carers and customer to notify us of any signs of infection in our customers as part of our service we will keep an eye ourselves on this and contact next of kin.

If you hear of any other businesses going over and above the call, please let us know at Bude & Beyond.


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