#Bude Gets Gold

I'm sure Bude TIC won't object to me showing off the award photo taken from their public FB page

I’m sure Bude TIC won’t object to me showing off the award photo taken from their public FB page

Well, OMG! #BigUpBude #WeAreBude – whatever the hashtag of choice, Bude has finally cracked it, and we’re jubilant tonight!

Yes, the Bude community is very excited this evening to hear that the town we all love so much has won the Gold Award for the Best UK Coastal Resort at the British Travel Awards! Of course, we all thought Bude should – it is top notch, and we have all been ‘bigging it up’ for some time now.

I always loved Bude since starting taking family holidays here many years ago. Lots of people say the same.

Since I arrived down here to live five years ago, however, there has been a sea-change. Literally, the seas are cleaner, the beaches are better, the town is brighter and more vibrant. There’s a buzz to being in Bude. Somehow, with its own micro-climate, Bude cheers you up. Every time I arrive in town, I feel good, whether the sun in shining or the sea mist is rolling in. If you could bottle Bude, you’d be in fine spirits and make a fortune. People simply adore the place. They say #lovewhereyoulive and Bude folk do that in spades.

People now take an immense pride in Bude, and revel in its community spirit. Businesses have also upped the ante. The Visit Bude website is quite right in saying that Bude has ‘raised the bar’. At last, Bude’s massive potential has been and is still being realised. I’m not sure I go for the descriptor ‘cute’, nor even ‘pretty’, but I do agree that “no longer is Bude a beautiful but unsung location, but now officially recognised as an excellent destination”.

There are many things that are wonderful about Bude for locals and visitors alike. The community spirit extends to those holidaying here because friendliness and generosity help to make Bude feel family-focused and safe. Quite simply, it’s an amazing place to be. How lucky are we?

Bude is rugged and exciting, defined by the sea, with a coastline beloved by surfers and water sports enthusiasts as much as the ‘bucket and spaders’ but what Bude also has (perhaps uniquely) among the heartwarming hospitality, the food, drink, the festivals, the events, is a thriving, energised locality where people look out for each other.

Well done to Bude TIC, and all involved in bringing this well-deserved, but great accolade to budeiful Bude. Fantastic news.

Cornwall also won gold for Best UK Holiday Destination/County for the 7th year in a row #LoveCornwall. The Eden Project won Best UK Leisure Attraction for a record-breaking fifth year in a row.

Visit Cornwall, stay in Bude and pop down to Eden…

Check out the video.

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