Bude GCHQ Remembers

GCHQ is this week showing its support for the Royal British Legion’s 2021 Poppy Appeal by lighting up its iconic satellite dish at Bude.

Remembrance honours the service and sacrifice of our Armed Forces, veterans and their families who protect our way of life. The intelligence, cyber and security agency’s partnership with the military stretches back over 100 years and today we work with the Armed Forces on the frontline in conflict zones around the world to protect personnel. 

The GCHQ satellite dish at its Cornwall base is designed to represent a poppy standing in silent and respectful vigil as part of GCHQ’s Remembrance events. The lit-up dish will be visible at night for many miles along the North Cornwall coastline. 

Over the past 100 years, from its origins in Room 40 of the Admiralty to today’s sites across the UK, GCHQ has been at the heart of the nation’s security. During that time it has helped to shorten wars and save countless lives as well as tackling the most serious cyber, terrorist, criminal and state threats.

GCHQ has several avowed sites across the country: Bude, Scarborough, its Cheltenham HQ, Manchester and its National Cyber Security Centre in London. GCHQ and the MoD’s National Cyber Force are set to open its HQ in Salmesbury, Lancashire.

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