Bude Food Assembly offers vegan/veggie food, too


Somewhere between 3 – 12% of the population is vegan or vegetarian. Some adopt such diets for health reasons and others for ethical reasons, often to the bafflement of meat-eaters. The article in the link (by Jared Piazza of Lancaster University) mentions:

It is not a secret that some people find vegetarians annoying. Ethically-motivated vegetarians and vegans in particular are often the target of ridicule and viewed as smug, self-righteous extremists.

Piazza claims this is because people don’t like having their own behaviour criticised, so they become defensive. Whatever your view, veganism and vegetarianism has long-existed and is here to stay. Hopefully, no one would now tell a vegetarian (as I was told in my teens) to have Coq au Vin and just take the chicken out. Time has moved on and progress has been made.

Here in Bude, the North Cornwall Food Assembly provides not only meat and fish but also vegan and vegetarian food, so caters for all tastes. Mint & Marjoram specialise in vegan food, which is often gluten-free and oil-free, so suitable for all diets and slimming plans.

Paula, the producer, says:

My food is suitable for most people. You don’t have to be vegan, its food that everyone can enjoy. Filled with nutrients and something a bit different you might not have tried before. Most of my food is also gluten-free.

‘Cheese’ and onion pasty

Food is available at the Bude Food Assembly.

Order by Monday 9 pm
If you prefer to collect your shopping: collect from Cottage Farm, Jacobstow, EX23 0BU any time after 3 pm on Wednesday or any time on Thursday.
If you prefer Home Delivery: select the right option for you (see the ‘Delivery’ section of the website).

Get your food fresher, better and fairer without costing the Earth!

Cottage pie

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