Bude fire crew called to unattended bonfire

Bude Fire Service mentioned on their Facebook page an unattended fire they were called to:

We received a call to reports of a small fire. The fire was found to be unattended with no water or extinguisher nearby. As the fire was only a couple of metres from the house, we extinguished it using a hose reel jet.
🔥 BONFIRE SAFETY – During these hot temperatures, we advise against the lighting of any fires. Whenever lighting a bonfire, always ensure you have adequate water supply to extinguish in case it goes out of control, and NEVER leave a bonfire unattended.
Further advice here.

There have been a few bonfires and BBQs on the beach lately, so please ensure they are disposed of properly.

They also had a shout to reports of a kitchen fire. On arrival, the fire was found to be out. Crews administered first aid and checked for hot spots, ventilated the building, etc. Busy days and fires an increasing risk in this hot weather. Please be careful.

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